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Eleonora, Carlo and Sveva


Engagement-Family Shooting in Trentino

North of Italy

Location: Il Leprotto Bisestile


An afternoon on the educational farm. Eleonora and Carlo will soon crown their love and their wonderful family with the wedding. For their engagement photos, we looked for a place that was also suitable for little Sveva, who we knew to be in love with animals. We therefore contacted Francesca, from the " Il Leprotto Bisestile " farm, who accompanied us and made us caress many animals, which she personally follows and manages. Francesca is very good with children and manages to make them come into contact in a natural way with the nature that surrounds them. So we could photograph this happy family, we had a lot of fun with them!


Il Leprotto Bisestile - Facebook


Would you also like a family photo shoot at Il Leprotto Bisestile? Contact us here for all the information!

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