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Proposal Shooting

Cinque Terre, Vernazza


A fantastic photo shoot, marriage proposal . A daydream for Laura and Eric. It had to be a simple photo shoot for Laura's birthday, but Eric had something else on his mind ... his detailed plan allowed us first to hide the ring and then to photograph the proposal, in the beautiful Vernazza, Liguria.

The day was full of emotions, both for the the guys and for us: proposal shootings are such an happy part of our job! After a first tour through the uncrowded streets of Vernazza, to get to know each other and to discover the magical itinerary that the Canadian guys organized in Italy (passing through Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre and Venice), we headed towards the port of Vernazza : just there Eric made his proposal ! Laura was incredibly surprised: she had not suspected anything!

We spent the afternoon and evening with laughter, a beautiful photo shoot and admiration of the landscape, a fantastic sunset ..

Ah! Without forgetting a good ice cream near the sea!

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