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How to start to plan your wedding in Italy

We know, we know, you're a bride to be (maybe recently, congratulations!) and you don't know where to start! All the wedding things seems to you like a big big mountain full of things, and let me say, it is! But we created this guide for you, for helping you to relax and find out the best steps and suggestions. We are wedding photographers and we know a lot about wedding vendors and wedding stuff, because, you know, usually we stay with you from the beginning of the day until the end. Ok, not the VERY end, but almost! :)

So, keep reading, this can help you!

Villa in Veneto


Yep. We think this is the number one rule for you, freaking out! We know you're confused and don't know where to start, but let me say, this first step is one of the funniest. So, let's start! First of all we suggest you to create a VISION BOARD, a mood board, a Pinterest board. In this moment you have to go with the flow, simply relax and don't think about "what you HAVE to do as soon as possible", but create a comfort space and time for you, a cup of tea (or wine, that's ok) can help. Print pictures you love and create a real vision board if you prefer, we suggest both methods, the virtual and the physical one. No rules allowed here, just dream about your wedding and pin/print the pictures that for some reason catch your sight (you don't have to CONTROL these reasons, just go). Use all the time you need, I would say 1 week if you're really busy to create your vision.

Via Pinterest


Now, STARE at your mood board. Is there a recurring element or color? Write down all the things you notice you've repeatedly pinned and printed. Could be a color, a location, a mood, a vibe, a type of dress, a flower, a cloth material (velvet, silk, linen?).. everything. Write them down without JUDGMENT.

As you can see above, for example, I've pinned some inspirations regarding the famous sentence "if life give you lemons...". I think that is a good inspiration for the Covid times we're living right now, OMG... moreover free inspiration from the 2021 pantone color!

Lake Como & Puglia


The first step to understand.. where are your dream location? Beach? Mountains? Lake? Hills? City? If you're thinking about your dream wedding in Italy I can easily tell you that here you can have ALL the different weddings that does exist!

1) Beach wedding (south). Go for Sicily, Sardinia for a traditional island summer vibe or go for Puglia o Campania. In Puglia you can find the typical buildings called "Masserie", with their white colors and with flat and minimal walls. Love them!

Choose Amalfi Coast (Campania region) for a more luxurious wedding vibe. Here you can visit Amalfi, Positano and Ravello. All these places in the coast have the peculiarity to be overlooking the sea from above. If you're searching for a sea view, but not a beach wedding that's the solution for you.

2) Lake wedding (north). No doubt, we have different lakes here, particularly in the north. Lake Garda, an upcoming location that is going to be very popular I think in the next months/years with the locations and the stunning Isola del Garda (check it out!) And then we have the classic beauty (and super luxurious vibe) of Lake Como.. But also Lago Maggiore

3) Mountain wedding (north). Dolomites, guys. Dolomites. Such a stunning place to visit.. we're not only talking about elopemets and oh-so adventurous days. We're also talking about big locations for guests with a mountain vibe! But if you're in the mood, go for a small elopement in the super classic Braies Lake or discover with a local planner some secret gems..

4) Tuscany hills (centre Italy) and central regions. A super classic. Tuscany hills have the power to be sooo relaxing. You feel like you're out of the world. In the Val d'Orcia area you can spot some little buildings in the middle of the fields, those are called "Podere" or "Casale" and some of them allow to create a dreamy sunset summer wedding. Imagine an aperitif near the swimming pool for your guests and the Tuscany sunset warm light around you..

5) An upcoming and more relevant location are the "Ville Venete (north)". In the land of Venice (Veneto region) you can discover some stunning historic villas that are perfect for a classic wedding with a modern twist. Usually they have stunning Italian gardens, or they can have olive tree fields or vineyards all around. A real dream that's not so known, yet!

Oh hey, that's us in Tuscany

In all these options Italian food have a key role obviously and ok, let's talk about the wine. Ok, bye, you know it! :)


Now, you should have a clear idea of what location you're looking for. A big suggestion for you. Search for local wedding planner and photographers, look at their instagram and website and you'll be able to discover what a real wedding there means. Sometimes we fall in love with a single picture, but once you scroll the blogpost or the wedding planner portfolio you find out that place is simply not for you!

No problems!



The easiest and stress free method is to contact a local wedding planner. Don't worry about writing them an email or a direct message, their here for you and they will answer you!

In Covid times, having a wedding planner that follows you during all the procedure is I would say essential. She/he can contact easily the vendors in case of problems and you don't have to do it! I think with this situation all of us can now really understand the value of a WP!


BTW, the first thing to consider is the LOCATION. I mean, I think it's the most important choice to make. For choosing the right one I suggest to consider.

- the number of guests (make sure the location can host the number of your guests according to the Covid rules)

- where your guests can sleep? Does the location have the opportunity to host you and your guest? Or is there an affiliate location for that?

- food: ask if the location has an internal restaurant or if they work with a catering.

- ask your locations if they can suggest the right celebrant for you.

In almost all situations the location can host one wedding a day and have limited availability. For this reason I've put this vendor in the first place.


After the location I suggest to search for the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER. Consider photographers you LOVE. You have to feel the love, because they are the people that can create the memory of your wedding day. One day. No one else. So, look for the PEOPLE you feel positive and good about. Ok, it's all about photography but we are all humans, so we truly believe in the human contact and feeling. Just ask them for a video call for discovering their real philosophy and spontaneity. Photographers usually can easily travel (oh, yes, we love that!) so don't worry too much about where their located, this is something they can easily arrange for you.

Regarding video makers, make sure the photographer and video operator get in touch before the wedding day, so they can organize and coordinate the shooting in the best way and without losing precious time during your wedding day. If you're planning a wedding in a original location, go for the drone service. Worth it 100%.


Regarding decorations we thing is so important to coordinate the flowers, table set up and concept of the wedding. Don't think about them separately, but see them as an unique thing. The florals have a key role on the wedding day because they create the atmosphere of the wedding. If you think about a lemon wedding (keep using this example, yep) and you love red roses, I don't think these two things can work out together (please ask to a floral designer, I'm not the right person, I only love to photograph beautiful flowers and I can recognize when the job is done with INTENTION or not!). Don't underestimate them :)


No secrets here. Try them on! :) We suggest to pin and dream about the dresses, but we think that most effective way to understand what you love is to try them. So book an appointment to the atelier and have fun with your girls/mum/family/friends! Wedding dresses maybe needs to be adapted to your body to fit perfectly so give the right time for the atelier to adjust everything and consider time for few different try ons. Another suggestion. Choose the shoes accordingly to the dress you're wearing and the style of the wedding! High pointed heels at the beach could not be the best feeling!


Pay attention to the style of your wedding day and look at the reviews and portfolio of the make up artists! What make up do you usually wear? Share with the make up artist and hair stylist your habitual style and search with them the best style for you before the wedding day.


Don't forget the music! We always suggest a local band and artists. Having the live music (particularly for the ceremony and the aperitif) I think it's amazing. It creates a stunning atmosphere.



If you need any help we can suggest a ton of great vendors in Italy, simply contact us via Instagram davidevalentina_weddings.

Have a stunning day!

Davide & Valentina Wedding Photographers


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